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  AHA Skin Peeling Programme  
This is a non-surgical procedure performed exclusively by doctors. Using pure glycolic acid solutions, this non-toxic natural substance derived from fruit acids is applied onto the face/body to peel away the upper layers of dead cells. 

As the old skin sheds off, new, fresher-looking skin is seen; leaving your skin smoothly textured, healthier looking and more radiant.

The programme uses pure Glycolic Acid in concentrations of 20%, 35%, 50% and 70% based on the individual's skin condition.

The enhanced benefits of AHA Peels include deep exfoliation, intensive promotion of skin renewal and prevention of clogged pores.

It's beneficial for those who want to :

  • shed dead skin cells
  • dry out active acne
  • soften skin
  • smooth rough texture
  • combat dry skin
  • reduce fine lines
  • lightens dark spots

    AHA Skin Peeling
    Before After
    For those who need stronger peels, now there are "peel boosters" available in the form of Kojic Acid, Mandelic Acid and Citric Acid. These "peel boosters" give additional strength to the AHA peels and in combination gives better results to treat acne, hyperpigmentation or to neutralize free radicals in the skin and thus reverse the effects of aging.

    TCA peels are also available for medium depth peeling which is more effective for acne scaring and pigmented acnes either on the face or even on the body.


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