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Acne Scars? Never Give Up!

  Health & Beauty Nov 2003  
Acne is the most common skin problem that effects nearly 90% of Malaysian population, especially during puberty. However, most people with acne are often more concerned about the scars they leave behind. Acne scarring is basically permanent damage on the second layer of the skin, called dermis, usually due to cystic acne (nodule acne) or improper care, such as squeezing the acne.

Look for science-based procedure - AHA Chemical Peel

AHA Chemical peel is a very popular option in treating acne scars, as it is effective and cost-reasonable. It is a simple procedure that needs to be performed by a trained physician, who will apply pure and high concentration of AHA (fruit acids) onto your face to exfoliate dead skin cell and promote skin renewal. AHAs promote collagen and fiber tissue synthesis under the dermis layer, resulting in firmer skin and reduced appearance of scars. The pictures below show the results of a clinical study done by Dr Cherie M. Ditre, Consultant Dermatologist from U.S.A., on an acne-scarred patient, using a series of pure AHA Peels.

How successful is AHA Peel in treating acne scars?

It depends on the patient's persistence, how he/she takes to the treatments, and how diligently you follow the aftercare instructions. You also need to be patient, as it takes time for the skin to synthesize collagen and fibre tissues.

The formulation of the AHA solutions used is also important; only pure AHA solution is able to absorb 100% into the skin and offer more predictable results compared with other buffered AHA solutions, where the efficacy of the peel may be compromised.

  Treatment Data  




Age 30, female, Caucasian

Preparatory Regime

Paient received Hydroxyacids-based (fruit acids) preparatory home care regime for two weeks to prepare the skin to for peeling treatment.

AHA Peel Treatments

This patient received a series of 12 AHA Peel treatments at six weeks intervals. One treatment each with the 20%, 35%, 50% NeoStrata AHA peel solutions; all subsequent treatment at 70%.

Physician's Note In addition to improvement of the comedone, acne and acne scars; overall skin texture is significantly smoother and fine lines have been reduced.


NeoStrata Patient Portfolio; Vol I/ No. I. Case study (copyright©1995)



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