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  Wrinkles / Lines

The fastest way to look naturally youthful without long term risks. Botox / Dysport is great for improving wrinkles and "laughter lines" in the upper face. It is a specially formulated solution which when injected into a muscle causes a temporary muscular relaxation. This produces a marked improvement in the wrinkling of the upper face caused by the facial muscles. This treatment is best used for "frown lines", "worry lines" and "laughter lines" that make us look older, tired or stressed. 
  Derma Lift

Another non-surgical technique to tighten the skin and give it a "lift" through several tiny injections using substance called Dermatoxin. This treatment is very effective for those in their 30's and 40's where early onset of sagging is beginning to be felt. The treatment also gets rid of expression lines and reshapes the face without "freezing" for facial expression.

Face Reshape / Jaw Reduction

Another non-surgical procedure for those who desire a slimmer lower face without resorting to invasive surgical procedure.

Most women consider a square jaw to be harsh and masculine. An oval shaped face is considered more feminine. The treatment causes a volume reduction on the cheeks and jaw line to beautifully contour the lower face and create a slim, feminine jaw.

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