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  Micropigmentation to correct and cover imperfections
On 26th Feb 2014, we had a full day training with the team from Golden Eye, a German company that produce a unique Micropigmentation equipment with its unique organic dyes.
What is Micropigmentation?
Micropigmentation is a technique of implanting tiny pigments dye into the epidermal layer of the skin. It does not aim to change the look of a person, but instead it balances out unevenness and the asymmetry of a face. Without being obvious.
Is Micropigmentation a permanent makeup?

Micropigmentation is long-lasting, but we wouldn’t call it is not a make-up. In paramedical micropigmentation we aim to cover the unevenness and create a more natural appearance Paramedical Micropigmentation can be done for the scalp area to cover the whole bald head or for women with diffuse or thinning hair to make the top of the head look fuller and thicker.

It is also for scars anywhere on the body especially hypopigmented scars. Striae that has become silvery white and vitiligo patches that has stopped growing and changing are all ideal for treatment with micropigmentation.


I loved the fact that it can cover all these obvious discolorations on the face and neck. Also for surgical scars that are lighter then the natural skin colour, micropigmentation can help to camouflage it from the surrounding skin. For areolar and nipples, turning the colour to lighter tone or pinkish tone is also possible! For those after breast reconstruction surgery, it possible to create a nipple and areolar for the patient making the breasts look so much more natural and less scarred.

Our enhanze paramedical staff observing Helen the master trainer from Golden Eye Korea conducting a Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) for a patient. The work is very fine and takes patience and precision. But the results was very satisfying as it looked natural and the procedure was quite comfortable.

With Dr Premila, our Advance Hair Clinic Specialist, Mr David from Golden Eye, Helen SOng the master trainer and Ms Chong of Health Vantage .

All our staff at the end of a very long day conducting micropigmentation on a scalp, a vitiligo patch and 2 scars on the leg and forearm. But it was also fun!

Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP)
Permanent tattoo
Striae Stretch marks vitiligo hypopigmented scar bald scalp hair loss

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