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  Mesotherapy is the practice of using medications, nutrients and vitamins injected into the mesoderm or middle layer of the skin to deliver healing or corrective treatment. Originally a medical technique devised in 1052 by a Frenchman Dr. Michel Pistor, it was used to treat such conditions as Rheumatology, Sports Traumatology, Vascular diseases and the improvement of circulation. Mesotherapy has subsequently been extremely successful in the treatment of aesthetic conditions and has now been touted as the latest breakthrough for cellulite reduction, body sculpting and skin rejuvenation (Mesolift).

The Treatment
 - Mesotherapy must be performed by a medical personnel who is permitted to do injections. The technique involves using a tiny needle penetrating the surface of the skin (mesoderm) and injecting a small amount of medicine. It is virtually painless, requires no post operative recovery time or anesthesia. The injection area must be on the face, such as lower eyelids, or underneath the chin; or on the body, such as the abdomen, hips or thighs. Targeting specific areas of the body, smaller areas may be effectively treated in one or two treatments, while in large areas, the effect is typically noticed after 4-8 treatments. Usually there is one treatment every 1-2 weeks until the desired benefit is achieved.

Mesotherapy for Cellulite (Meso)

Cellulite is a skin condition affectiong over 90% of most women. Even those with a slim figure often complain about cellulite's lumpy, dimpled appearance Cellulite commonly appears on the hips, buttocks and legs.

Microinjections are given using an individualized "fat burning formula". These injections are given directly into the areas being treated i.e. love handles, bra bulge, saddlebags etc, the treatment stimulates the mesoderm, which in turn breaks up the network of connective tissue fibers that's trapping fat cells (cellulite), breaking it down and improving circulation and lymphatic drainage.



Mesotherapy for Bodysculpting (Mesolipotherapy)

Meso-sculpting is the answer to the questions that so many people have been asking : Is It possible to get rid of fat without having some kind of invasive procedure? For those who find liposuction "too much", mesotherapy for fat loss and body contouring is absolutely the answer. For those patients who have already had liposuction and now find fat depositing in other areas as well as cellulite which has become worse, mesotherapy is the answer.

Microinjections are given using lypolitic ("fat diluting") formula. Injections are given directly into the areas being treated e.g. love handles, bulging tummy, saddlebags, heavy thighs or all over for general weight loss.

For both conditions a series of treatments (5-15) are given spaced 1 week apart. Results are considered permanent as long as the patient adheres to a proper nutrition and exercise regimen. Occasional touch-ups may also be required.



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